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Visite.org 59000 Lille (Nord)
Elegant, sophisticated and vibrant, the capital of French Flanders is within easy reach of Calais and is ideal for a day trip or a short break. Many battles were fought to control Lille, which specialised in textiles and was strategically located at the crossroads of major trading routes. In 1667, Louis XIV conquered the city
and it passed from the Spanish Netherlands to France. The lovely 17th and 18th century buildings and monuments of the old city have been carefully restored creating a judicious
blend of past and present. Today Lille is still the economic centre of the region with new information and communication enterprises pringing up alongside the traditional industries.
Lille is also renowned for its shopping and culture; the Fine Arts Museum here has an impressive collection and the many stores of
Lille have a rich diversity of goods, from designer labels and modern shopping malls to unusual boutiques and flea markets. This lively, cosmopolitan city also boasts a bustling café life and a wealth of evening entertainment.

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