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посещение достопримечательностей , города и поселки dans le Nord

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Visite.org 59670 Cassel (Nord)
Cassel perches precariously on the top of a hill which rises 176 metres above the flat Flanders fields. The view from the summit across the plains seems to go forever and it is easy to see
why there was a settlement here from Roman times. It was from here that General Foch observed the early part of the First World War. Besieged many times, the town has some of
the finest Flemish architecture in the region particularly around the main square, the Grand Place, including the church of Notre Dame which is Flemish Gothic in style. The town also has an 18th century windmill and several welcoming taverns known locally as ‘estaminets’ (see page 13). As with most of the towns of the Nord, Cassel has 2 resident giants: Reuze Papa and Reuze Maman go out in procession every Easter
Monday for the annual Carnival.

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