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Watten 59143 Watten (Nord)
Watten on the Aa (a paradise for anglers) is with its 72 metres high “Mountain” the last link in the chain of hills known as the Flanders Hills. Over the centuries the town was the potential prize in many conflicts and disputes, and it was the presence of its monastery which saved it from being abandoned. In the XIXth century, the town was a flourishing centre for industry, such as tile-making, jute-weaving and boat-building, a growth which was fostered by its geographical position at the crossroads of lines of communication.
The Abbey: in 1072 a priest decided to establish a monastery on the “mountain” in Watten. Today only the abbey tour remains, dating from the XVth century.
The windmill, the Moulin de la Montagne (XVIIIth century): Situated a few metres away from the abbey, this has been completely restored and has got back its working mechanism.
The church of Saint Gilles : imposing listed bell-tower, remarkable stained glass windows in the choir.
Nearby, at Wulverdinghe: the feudal castle mound and the St Martin spring; at Millam, the listed hallekerk and the chapel of Ste Mildrède.

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